Why Fur?

Fur is known to be basically everlasting.

Fur garments are always trendy, since they could be refurbished, and this chance to change their style makes them timeless.

They can be repaired, remodelled, resold – extending the lifecycle of a fur garment to decades. This is a totally different approach than today’s fast fashion.

Fur is an eco-sustainable product, supplied by nature and as such can be easily disposed. Annually, 150 billion pieces of clothing are produced of which 60% is synthetic. Among these pieces, 73% end up in landfills where the synthetic materials do not biodegrade.

They will remain in the landfills for decades. On the other hand real fur degrades at the same rate as an oak leaf, since it is 100% biodegradable.

Using fabric and accessories all made from natural materials, NUMERO OTTO helps fighting plastic pollution, which has been extremely dangerous for the environment.

Fur is circular fashion where nothing goes to waste. Fur industry has been working towards circularity way before circular economy became a buzz. It is working constantly to minimize environmental impact and the negative impacts of the processes.

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