Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

In a non-stop changing world, the key word is to evolve. Change is synonymous of essential union with the concept of Sustainability.

Fashion is in constant change and is evolving towards Sustainable Fashion. Some of the most important clothing companies have aligned themselves with this thinking by searching new horizons in which it’s possible to expand the concept of fashion, combining it with that of sustainability.

Change is a signal of improvement, which is why Numero Otto is looking for a fashion that can be sustainable. Creating something that is sustainable over time is a path that is born and develops at the bottom of the creative process, which is realized with the use of recyclable and eco-sustainable materials. We use 100% natural leathers for improve our idea of Sustainable Fashion.

Now is the time to create what We will be, and We are creating our idea of ​​Sustainable Fashion for a greener world, and every single choice is a consequence that Numero Otto makes in terms of sustainability. The concept of sustainability is 100% developed by the re-vintage NUMERO OTTO project.

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