RE–VINTAGE is the NUMERO OTTO capsule collection that allows you to wear an eco-sustainable piece of history. Every garment was created using reclaimed fur from the 70ʼs, 80ʼs and 90ʼs. Each creation is unique and exclusive.

It is based on the idea of upcycling, which is not new, but could be a solution for contemporary problems in the fashion industry. Remodeling an used item, with recycled accessories (reused tassel, wooden buttons, etc.) means giving a new life to something we already have. We want everything, from the lining to the tag, to be recycled or made of natural material. Fur can be easily disposed, but as a durable and valuable material, it can also be regenerated and continue its life, without further consumption.

Each RE–VINTAGE garment keeps the soul of the past, takes the form of the present and represents the conscious choice for the future.