Italian Fashion

Italian Fashion

“If You want to be the only one You need to have the courage to differentiate yourself”. Numero Otto over time has chosen to make his style unique, proposing a choice of style that is perfect combination of innovative fashion and vintage fashion.

Our brand is the place where the idea of ​​elegant design is transformed into high-class garments, in perfect harmony with the concept of Italian fashion.

The brand creates manufacturing works with an old style and a modern and original soul, maintaining traditions and exporting the history of an entire family that has reinvented Made in Italy and Italian fashion as we know it today.

Italian fashion is based on the concepts of originality and craftsmanship that you will find in the NUMERO OTTO garments. Our idea of ​​Italian Fashion is based on the creation of outerwear, created for those who want to look for a style that can excite, involve and enhance the wearer, giving a touch of timeless style.

The Restyling and Re-Vintage services give you the opportunity to reinvent your fur coat. All this is possible thanks to the decades of experience of our craftsmen.

Why choose Italian fashion?

Italian fashion is synonymous of quality and has always been at the base of the fashion world. “Dare to innovate” it’s the essence of the change, the essence of what Numero Otto achieves.

What differentiate us is the creation and production of garments, choosing precious and long-lasting materials. Italian fashion is understood as the enhancement of local and Italian craftsmanship.

Choose Numero Otto and you will discover a world made by attention of details, precious materials and constant attention to the look. We create our future by preserving our past rich in history.

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