One of the oldest fields of fashion is the manufacturing creation of Fur; expert craftsmen with decades of experience, give life to pieces that are more unique than rare, which represent textile art that has been preserved over time to be an integral part of the fashion of future generations.

Furs aren’t just a fashion item, they are part of that category of precious things that must be preserved over time. The Fur is the fusion of new style and old style, combining the modern with the vintage and bringing history back to the innovative. Wearing a fur coat is not just a question of elegance, it means enhancing the outfit.

Numero Otto is the high fashion answer You are looking for. We create, reinvent and redesign Furs with a unique style; strong colors for who loves to be determined, and soft colors for who doesn’t want to give up their cute soul expressed also in the way they dress. If there is a way to express oneself fullest, Numero Otto believes that is this and continues aim for perfection of lines and shapes. Represent what You are, what You want, represent yourself with Numero Otto.


Why buy a Fur coat?

Choosing a Fur coat means make yourself be seduced by the essence of fashion; this item of clothing represents the cornerstone of luxury, prestige and femininity; it can create that sense of entirety in a certain style, and Fur is also a high fashion choice combined with the sustainability enjoyed by a pure leather garment.

The creation of Furs has very age-old roots, but the craftsmen have never stopped keeping up with innovation. Even today, these clothing accessories are revisited with an always extraordinary result; the beauty of those garment is destined to be appreciated by those who know how to catch its value.

Discover the pleasure of wearing a fashion must, treat yourself to the luxury of a Fur in Numero Otto style. Today in fashion there is high request of Furs, which represent a choice of minimal and elegant style.

More and more men and women are choosing to enhance their way of dressing by using Furs made by various types of skins. Choosing a Fur means aiming to innovate your style, taking it to a higher level. Daring is essential, a natural choice for those who want to make luxury in clothing a daily habit.

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