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Numerootto was founded at the beginning of 2014 starting from the idea of two young designers and has reached a great success. The company is based on traditional values, giving a special attention to the safeguard of Italian tradition and style.

Fur, symbol of luxury and elegance, becomes an adaptable, original and contemporary garment. Manufacture and the best craftsmanship flow into an authentic quality artwork, produced with meticolous attention. “Fur Revolution“ is colour and details combined with unusual dry goods.
The choice of materials and fit is crucial and pledge the best mix of contemporary comfort and fashion. Materials are supplied by Guida Italy srl, NUMERO OTTO’s parent company, one of the leading companies in the global fur business. NUMERO OTTO is provided the best quality fur from auctions; furs are handled in our work room by specialized craftsmen, who are the depository of a traditional knowledge and of an unique way of conceiving every garment as a piece of art.

Today NUMERO OTTO is the company’s pride, where creativity, fashion and innovation meet. We never stop studying and learning new techniques, our artisans are supervised by our style deparment, that works along with some of the most talented young fashion designers in the business.

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